you may not feel like an art expert, but your beautiful home deserves unique pieces and great looking walls.


I know the high end art world, exhibit in galleries internationally, and sell to some of the world's most elite collectors. However I feel frustrated that people without  'insider knowledge' feel excluded.

I see my non-arty friends who have worked hard and have beautiful homes, but feel out of their depth when deciding what to put on the walls.

Maybe you are like my friends. What you have ended up with on your walls doesn't do you or your property justice.

I have put together this special range of artworks especially for you. This doesn't mean ultra expensive, but it does mean quality art, a high-end look and amazing value. You can feel proud of your home, and love the way it feels.



I hear you say that you have trouble choosing, and feel soooo embarrassed about how your room looks right now!

Don't worry, we can help with that too! 

I work with design partners who can help you with everything. It is a myth that it costs more to hire a designer.

Here is a SECRET - it actually costs you the same or even less if you use a designer !!!

Yes, I am serious. Designers receive special discounts from suppliers that you won't get as a private person, so once you include their commission it works out to the same price. So you get their help for free! And often they come up with way more economical solutions and find special bargains for you, because they are out there looking every day, so you can end up paying even less.

  Here I am (on the right) with my property stylist sister Deb in sunny Brisbane.

Here I am (on the right) with my property stylist sister Deb in sunny Brisbane.

In Australia I have collaborated with my sister Deb and her professional property styling team at Mink Home Staging in Brisbane.  They design stunning, contemporary interiors (check them out on Instagram at 'minkhome') and will be able to provide you with recommendations either in person or via Skype or email. 

I also work with a wonderful designer in Barcelona and will be expanding my list of partners, so please reach out. 


in australia please Reach out to 'Mink Home' at: 



in EUROPe or the rest of the world email:


Or fill in the box below. (PS We are multilingual - hablamos español / on parle français)