About chris a art


I am Chris A, an award winning Australian artisT now based in Barcelona and the south of France.

It sounds glamorous but things didn't start off that way. I was the shy, arty kid, escaping to my dad's shed to paint. Because I was easily overwhelmed and life was noisy, I needed a quiet place of freedom where I could be me.

Later I went on to art school, but eventually migrated to the corporate world where I felt totally out of place. So I returned to my studies and was awarded a scholarship to study at Chelsea School of Art in London. My paintings were acquired by Charles Saatchi and other high profile UK collectors.  I now exhibit with galleries internationally.

The only reason I mention this is to explain that I know the 'high end' art world, and I guess I am now part of it.


At the same time I had non-arty friends who felt totally intimidated by art galleries and never set foot in them. They were successful and owned beautiful homes, but were embarrassed by what was on  their walls and unable to fix the situation.

So, I decided to put together a range of affordable art that was not cringeworthy, that would stand its ground within the art world.

I collaborated with my sister, Deb, who is a high-end property stylist and director of Mink Home in Australia. With her design guidance I put together a special range (separate from my 'high end' fine art) combining her design and industry knowledge with my art expertise.

At the end of the day, however, my 'non arty' friends still needed help choosing the right pieces. 

This is why I work with designers and stylists. Meaning you. 


your clients will love you when you make their walls feel amazing.  

Let's chat - simply reach out and we will work to provide the right pieces for your special projects.