Hello, and welcome!

I am Chris, an award winning Australian artist, now based in the south of France.


It sounds glamorous but things didn't start off that way. I was born to Estonian migrant parents in an plain looking house in an ordinary suburb on the hot Adelaide plains. Just let me say it wasn't a picture book childhood.

After a series of bad-fit career starts (and depression), I was stunned and thrilled to win scholarships to art school in Australia and to do my Masters at Chelsea College in London. There I had works acquired by Charles Saatchi and other high profile collectors (including museums), and went on to show with galleries internationally.


The only reason I mention this is to explain that I know the 'high end' art world, and I guess I am now part of it. However I have had an ongoing frustration.

I Would see my non-arty friends being intimidated and overwhelmed by the contemporary art world. 

They were now successful and owned beautiful homes but art wasn't their main thing so they felt out of their depth when choosing what to put on their walls. 

My sister, Deb, is a renowned property stylist and the director of Mink Home in Brisbane, Australia. She was trying to solve a similar problem - sourcing classy, fresh, original artworks for her clients' homes (and within a budget).

So we decided to get together on this great project and design a special range (separate from my 'high end' fine art) - combining her design and industry knowledge with my art expertise.

 I am in Montpellier in France and Deb is in Brisbane, Australia 


'Chris A Art'  Is designed to help your clients (and my non-arty friends) own high quality yet affordable art to make their SPaces feel amazing.